Rest Day at Panajachel


After 5 riding days we deserved another rest day. This time in Panajachel, nicely located at the Lake Atitlán at an altitude of 1597 meter in the southwestern Guatemalan Highlands, less than 150km from Guatemala City. The town is located on the Northeast shore of the lake with a fantastic view of the three volcanoes, San Pedro (3020m) and the twins Atitlan (3537m) and Toliman (3158m). Panajachel” derives from the Kaqchikel language and DSC_8869roughly translates to “place of the Matasanos.” Matasano is a fruit tree native to the lake credited with an array of curative powers. As the name ‘rest’ day suggest it is injected into the tour to rest and enjoy the hospitality and service of the location. I take a total rest and enjoy the day in the hotel or at the beach, without diving too deep into the touristic flair of this city. Others take a boat ride on the lake or stock up spare parts in the local bike shop.

Where is Udo?

DSCN8140I am staying here in Don Udo’s Hotel and no Udo is around! I knew you have a second career besides managing me :-;

Where are you hiding, boss?

Macaws in Copan Ruins

Associated with the Copan Ruins National Park is a feeding station and release aviary to reintroduce the scarlet macaw (Ara macao) into the Copan Valley.


 DSC_7977  DSC_8145

DSC_8127  DSC_8207 DSC_8214  DSC_8216

DSC_8121  DSC_8123

Rest Day in Copan Ruinas

Copan, once called “the Athens of the New World” for its 400-year reign as the Maya world’s undisrupted cultural, artistic and architectural center, was the starting point to explore more of the new city and the nearby ruins.


DSC_7909  DSC_7912

DSC_7919   DSC_7926

After a walk through the village and a stop by the post office to mail the key of my hotel in Gracias, which I accidentally carried through the last stage I walked the few kilometers to the ruins.


DSC_8065  DSC_8047  DSC_8051  DSC_8018 DSC_8068  DSC_8082  DSC_8085  DSC_8070  DSC_8089  DSC_8074

A Cyclist Treat

As a Tour d’Afrique cyclist you can be sure you always feel in heaven when you are at a rest day location.

However you need to qualify for the best treat and the rules are unknown ;-)

Here is how Jessica sleeps the 2 nights in Copan Ruinas (incl. a complementary bottle of red wine)!