A Cyclist’s Slim Fast Program

Here is a recipe that my help you to lose some extra pounds, so you will not regret to fall in love with too much of the delicious Christmas cookies:

  1. mirrorsign up for a cycling tour with TdA
  2. make sure it is NOT a comfort tour
  3. make sure you have some extra pounds before you start, otherwise you may end up too skinny
  4. try to cycle every day, no matter how bad you feel or how bad the conditions are – Dr. Boom Boom will keep you going :-)
  5. eat as much as you like, it will not hurt and is part of the diet
  6. catch a stomach bug
  7. get the flu
  8. continue cycling
  9. refrain from beer (optional)
  10. enjoy every day and be happy

This program helped me to loose at least 10% of my November starting weight …

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