Rest Day in Valle de Angeles


A well deserved rest day after the many 9+ hours of cycling days and thousands of meters of climbing in the past week. I definitely need it to recover more from my stomach bug. Therefore I decided to stay around the village and skip a tour to the near by capital of Honduras, Teguicigalpa.

DSC_7712   DSC_7698

Valle de Angeles – Valley of the Angels – is a lovely place in the mountains. Surrounded by green hills and colorful trees, with riders on horses sharing roads with old worn-out cars, brand new jeeps or Harley Davidsons and the 3-wheeled tuc-tucs.


At one end of the village there is even a ‘Bicycle Cemetery’, obviously with the remains of badly battered bicycles from previous trips to this place..



Spending a rest day in Granada, at the northern shore of Lago Nicaragua. Although there are bike rentals all around I decided to walk the distances.






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Rancho Margot

The lodge is nicely located in the rain forest. Humming birds, butterflies and other birds are all around in the huge gardens. The sounds of running water and singing birds is filling the air. forest-1118

The group is checked into a bunk house with tiny little rooms sleeping two of us. Note: You have to backup into the rooms, if you want to face the door when leaving, as there is no space to U-turn inside ;-) .

The food is extra ordinary. A selection of pizzas, beans, rice, noodles, meats, salads and cakes is arranged at a huge buffet.  The chef is a god. TdA should consider to hire him for their tours. Breakfast and dinner is included in the accommodation package, even at rest days. So no need to worry about were to get the calories to power up for next days ride.


The lodges and restaurants along the lake are nicely built and perfectly fit into the landscape.