It is Doomsday!

The doomsday sun was just rising, when 6 glorious riders – Dan, David, Eric, William, Sarah and DSC_9599Hendry – left in the morning sun from Belize City DSC_9593to ride the 130km to the Lamanai Temple. They are accompanied by Astrid, Jessica and Lisa, who will ride the last part from lunch to the temple where they all will reunite with those, who take the boat trip. With a final dinner at the temple the tour will end after 5 weeks of great and challenging cycling in very hospital and beautiful countries.

  DSC_9590  DSC_9601


An update of todays events will follow, if …

2 thoughts on “It is Doomsday!

  1. Hello Hans,
    yes, doomsday hit me unexpected and kept me from finishing the writings at the same day. We had an issue with the bike boxes in our final hotel.

    For some reason some hotel staff member decided to move some of the already boxed bikes, including mine, into a cellar, which was later flooded by a heavy afternoon rain. The cardboard was soaked wet and doomed and re-boxing was a nightmare, because no dry or big enough boxes were available. So I had to start to ‘engineer’ my own box, using hair dryer to dry the wet card boards and duct tape and staple it to make 1 box out of 2 partially usable.

    Now I am on San Pedro, a 1 hour boat ride from Belize City and enjoying my post tour vacation.

    All the best and an enjoyable Holiday Season … Joachim

  2. Hi Joachim,
    I guess you missed the end of the world, or did it just catch up with you while typing the last …..
    Back in Europe the end of the world also passed kind of unnoticed. We just continue as if nothing happend.
    Congratulations with finishing the tour! It was nice to read about all the suffering!

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